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Harley Davis's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Harley was a very cocky, fun-loving, hilariously sarcastic, wildly charismatic, optimistic, & very family oriented person with MANY friends. He had a surprisingly large zest for life & loved trying new things. He had many who adored & admired him.. Not just for his inspirational strength, dedication, & determination he displayed daily, but also just by ALREADY BEING THE most wonderful son, brother, friend, & (most importantly) father that only most dream of being. Harley died while vacationing at Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina. His death was a shock to all who loved him. His cause of death has many recalling, feeling & thinking very differently than others. To Sum it up & make it simple. (IN MY OPINION) His death was caused by a # of multiple different mistakes, sudden unusual medical symptoms / issues.. Followed by the horrible miscommunication between medical establishments, & those such places employing people who not only are ignorant, Lazy, greedy,& selfish jerks who made the comment (in front of the Dr) "He's just a tourist who has no insurance, so it's not like we'll get paid anyway". So by now, you can imagine my brothers life was in the hands of slow, uneducated & dimwitted medical field rejects who were only in it for the $.

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